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Professional Spray Tanning

  • Complete your wedding look with a beautiful, warm and natural looking custom tan. Brand new in November, 2013 The Studio Weddings offers the ultimate sunless tanning facility in all of the Florida Keys featuring the Infinity Sun "SPA THEATRE" - a sumptuous skincare studio with custom lighting and airbrush tools for the perfect sunless application. Our theatre is set amongst old teak wood furniture, mirrors and ancient wooden tribal art sculptures.

    Our instant tan system is exclusive to all of Monroe and Dade counties and offers you the most precise, gorgeous and longest lasting Airbrush spray tan results on the market. Full of moisturizers (other quick dry solutions are full of alcohol drying your skin) for radiant, healthy and glowing skin. Infinity Sun is based in Beverly Hills, California and is known to deliver world-class sunless tanning technology. Infinity Sun is the world’s only multi-treatment skincare system based upon high volume, low pressure turbine engineering. This proprietary technology atomizes various treatment lotions into very FINE MISTS delivering highly customized, high quality skincare and sunless tanning elixirs for the ultimate beautifying experience. We will make your wedding day truly special as our factory certified estheticians apply the sunless tanning airbrush technique. Our all-natural process provides you with radiant, glowing skin with a natural golden brown look. The exclusive formula we utilize is PH normalized, 100% natural and is infused with antioxidants, moisturizers and botanicals. It is formulated utilizing a cosmetic bronzer derived from walnut extracts delivering immediate results. You choose your tone and we will airbrush accordingly. Darker arms, lighter face or pinpointed for a contoured stomach. We have 23 settings to optimize your skin for a beautiful, natural looking tan. We have 3 formulas to choose from including WEDDING SHIMMER, SUPER DARK SPECIES and NEW GENERATION offering pink undertones for the most natural looking darker tan. Our formulas are never orange like other older, inferior solutions and equipment. We also offer options such as anti-aging, clear and even Glow on the Go take home aerosol spray and hydrators that will extend your tan by days. It is made of the same superior all natural solutions as utilized in our "SPA THEATRE STUDIO". Your wedding airbrush can be full body, upper or lower or face only. All should be scheduled 2 days prior to the actual wedding. Please call our artist for all details on pricing and upgrades to shimmer for that ultimate look on your special day.


    All solutions are premium quality Infinity Sun branded. This all natural product is PH Normalized, FDA approved and contains no chemicals. The infusion of moisturizers, anti-oxidants, botanicals and DHA allows for more natural color and longer lasting results than any other advertised product. Our airbrush application method is the most advanced and sophisticated equipment on the market today with our exclusive SPA THEATRE STUDIO. Our application artists have many years of experience, are Florida licensed and are factory certified by Infinity Sun.


    Shower. Shave. Exfoliate with Infinity Sun non-abrasive body mask exfoliator. Do not wear lotions or oils. Do not wear deodorant. Wear loose, dark clothing and open toed sandals. On average, it takes about 20 minutes for the entire application process to occur in our SPA THEATRE.


    Wait until the following day to shower or sweat. Do not swim. Use the Hydration Extender to keep skin hydrated and make the tan last longer. Use the Glow on the Go to touch up the face, hands and feet between sessions.


    You will see immediate color. It takes 6-8 hours for the full effect of the tan to appear. You will wake up with a soft, lowing and gorgeous tan. Although it various based upon skin type, your tan will last on average 7 to 10 days. You can extend your tan life by avoiding hot tubs, pools and chlorine. You can also extend your tan by days by utilizing our HYDRATING lotion daily.


    HYDRATING SKIN EXTENDER: A super-hydrating serum containing the highest quality antioxidants, botanicals and DHA. This product is designed to keep the skin soft and silky-looking and to extend the tan for an additional 2-3 days. Available in a beautifully packaged bottle.

    GLOW ON THE GO: Revitalize your skin and create and Infinitely sumptuous tan with the Infinity Sun Glow on the Go Bronze all natural, anti-aging sunless tanning aerosol. Containing only the most natural ingredients, without harmful propellants or alcohol, Infinity Sun Glow on the go is propelled by air, so it is as safe for the skin as it is for the environment. Enriched with essential oils, antioxidants and botanicals- your skin will be left soft, supple and radiant. Brown with a slightly pink undertone that casts a natural brown color that looks as if you have just come in from basking in the sun. Suits all skin tones.


    We are the exclusive Infinity Sun SPA THEATRE airbrush application process in the region. We are also the largest hair and tanning salon in the entire Florida Keys. We are only here to make you look and feel your best.